Staying up to date with IT articles when not around IT… and Welcome to 2017!!

Welcome to 2017, everyone.  It always a joyous occasion at this time of the year, because it always happens that most people get the opportunity to see others that they haven’t seen in a long time….  you sit down for dinners, either at someone’s house or a restaurant, and catch up on the happenings of the past year.  As with our family, a few dinners here and there, but mostly loads of cards at the dining room table, which also included lots of laughs.

Another issue happens this time of year – As someone in IT, I was asked by the current company I am consulting for to vacate the premises for the two weeks at the end of the year.  Not a big issue with me, as I understand the reasoning -most employees are out of the office, taking vacation of their own, and the environment is in a change freeze which doesn’t allow for much work to take place.

Wrap those two up into one big present, and while the benefits of health and happiness from seeing everyone are grand, the amount of time following social media and news articles is decreased, causing me to not be as well versed on the happenings of the past two weeks.  Oh, Apple/MSFT/Samsung or some other IT innovator could have come out with a teleportation device, and I wouldn’t have seen it.  Of course, I knew about Mariah Carey’s screw up on the New Year’s Eve show, because….. well…. that’s news. (insert blah look on my face here)

So, outside of the fact that I’ll be reviewing a lot of tech articles this week, I need to plan on future monitoring techniques during times when I might be out of pocket.  I know that the next opportunity for me to go through something like this will be a long weekend in March, but then outside of that, not until November 2017 most likely.  Maybe I can come across with some way of following what is needed versus all the fluff.  (I follow not only tech related items, but DisneyWorld related items, as well as some humorous content)

It was easy while at DisneyWorld, with the Wifi in the parks and standing in lines every now and then to review stuff.  I use TweetDeck on desktops, but doesn’t look like one is available as an app.  I think separation is key here.

Thoughts?  Comment away, folks.

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