Providing your worth without breaking the bank – Sales on MSFT tests

So, let me first vent for a moment – I hate the wording of Microsoft certification tests.  No, a better way to put it is that sometimes the way I would go about preparing something is not the exact way that Microsoft would go about preparing something, but the end result for both of us gets us the same result.

My lack of posts for the past two weeks can be attributed to the fact that I am studying for 70-417 – Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server 2012.  In 2007, when I started studying for my MCSE on Windows Server 2003, I always told myself that if I ever achieved that MCSE, that I would always keep it up to date as much as possible.  Hence, we are ten years later, and I’ve gotten behind a little bit.  I’ve failed this test twice already, but I’ve improved between the first test and the second test.  I’m hoping to pass it soon so that I can clean this off my plate and continue forging ahead with Intune, MDM, and Azure.

I’m thankful that my company provides a voucher for the first test; any retakes are my responsibility (unless I can get my hands on a second chance code).  Now, I’m shelling out $165 for tests, which is much different from the $100 I was shelling out ten years ago.  I think in today’s society, when you add up the amount of money you can spend on Microsoft study materials, practice tests, and certification tests, you can understand why some people don’t, or in most cases can’t, afford it.

I was not looking forward to shelling out another $165 on an additional tests, when all of the sudden, I received an email from ATG Learning.  ATG is the company that I use to take my tests.  For those in the Atlanta area, they are located at the Prado off of Roswell Road, right off of I-285 in the Sandy Springs area.  I like the location, the rooms are set up well and are quiet for the most part.

ATG Learning was having a special on Microsoft tests due to a number of vouchers they had that were getting ready to expire.  Example, I got the email on 1/9/2017, and could have taken a test within the next 48 hours for only $55.  Amazing prices, if you ask me. Knowing that I’d be taking the test on Saturday, I took the $87 deal.  Essentially, I’ve cut my price in half.

Now, I’m not here specifically touting ATG as the one-all, be-all of discounted tests, but since they are the first ones that I’ve seen an email like this, I suggest you get on a mailing list for those folks.

OK, so now to all reading this – Provide some links for other training sites that you know of within the comments section below for discounts on certification tests, or even practice tests.

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