Restarting is hard…

I’ve been sitting at my desk for the past hour attempting to write this first post. Seems weird, doesn’t it? Putting feelings and thoughts onto a piece of paper can be difficult, especially when admitting failure.

In late 2017, I took over the Atlanta Systems Management User Group, with the notion that I would grow and improve the group over time. Things started just fine, although attendance didn’t increase after some of our meetings. No issue, I said, as I would find ways to improve this.

Unfortunately, my personal life and my work life got in the way of things. Well, more my personal life. While things in my work life were getting handled, and I continued to grow within my field, finding time to put toward the user group continued to get smaller and smaller. You’d think as time goes on and your kids get older that time frees up. Lesson learned, karma gods.

End of 2019, things finally start to fall into place as far as time goes, but I come to the realization that as my career changes, so does my focus. Instead of system management being the focus, the overall user experience would become focus, and that doesn’t always require a full “System Management” to be involved. Plus, I’ve ventured into Azure, which does go back to some of my roots with regards to end-point server management.

Therefore, I have decided to change things up. This blog will cover a lot of different things.

  • System Management will still be focus, whether it is Intune or Microsoft Endpoint Management.
  • Azure is now a focus in my life, and the overall UEM (user endpoint management) is involved heavily with that.
  • With regards to Azure, we will venture out into automation within the cloud. It won’t be just related to system management, but making jobs a lot easier.

I will be closing the site soon, and starting content publishing here. Hopefully, this won’t be a post once and forget, and hopefully my personal life won’t cause problems in finding time to post.

Thanks for joining the ride.

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