Office 365 Links

You’ll find a variety of links to some Office 365 ProPlus tools that I have found important in past deployments.  I hope that these help bring everything together in one location.

Office 365 Office Deployment Toolkit (ODT) for Office 2016 installation files can be found at  This includes the SETUP.EXE, as well as a sample XML file.  Be sure to review the details of the download to learn about changes to the SETUP.EXE.  Some of the items within the SETUP.EXE are fixes from errors that have been found, but sometimes new functionality becomes available.

Office 365 ProPlus XML Editor on GitHub can be found at  Need to quickly set up a base XML file on your own?  This is the place to go.

Office 2016 ADMX/ADML Templates can be found at  As with the ODT listed above, these also get updated from time to time.  The difference is that there is no details section showing you what is being updated, so you’ll need to watch the ‘Date Published’ section to figure out what is happening.

Using the OSPP.VBS for licensing, you can go to to pulling information on what is happening behind the scenes with the script.

Command line switch information on the OSPP.VBS file can be found on  Hopefully, this is self explanatory.